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It's time to shine a spotlight on our founder, Laurie Elliott. If you've been coming to The Pickery for a while now, you may have had a conversation with Laurie and learned how The Pickery came to be. Laurie grew up here in Terre Haute and went to State High School then IU. She then moved to live outside Philadelphia and for 30+ years. She raised three children and had a successful career in accounting and data management. But then she decided she wanted a farm and to make a change. She looked around for where she had connections she found her roots and this beautiful property here in Terre Haute.

So why organic? She doesn't want chemicals in her food. She loves the idea of growing her own food and eating what she grows. Even if you buy organic in the store, it's way better to pick it fresh. Terre Haute has a high rate of obesity and diabetes and she wanted to be part of a creating a solution by providing healthy alternatives. Demystifying gardening and educating the community about the benefits of fresh organic food is important to what The Pickery is all about.

What's been the biggest surprise? How much work is really involved! The weeds and the bugs put a lot of pressure on making the garden successful and she says it's a challenge.

Favorite Vegetable? Nothing beats the taste of a crisp bell pepper. But she says she's also enjoyed the picnic and Italian peppers this year.

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Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas are back! Like the snow peas from last week, this is another great way to hang onto summer. High in Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber, they are so good just raw off the vine or added to salads. They can be added to stir-fries or pasta or almost any dish that wants a wonderful vegetable addition. For some help with ideas for what to do with sugar snap peas, click here.

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It's hard to write with a Southern accent but these here are collards. A staple in Southern cuisine up there with Okra and mustard greens, they actually have a long history going back to ancient Greece. They are also very popular worldwide and used in very diverse dishes. As with other leafy greens they are high in vitamin K, A, C and calcium. For a variety of delicious ways to cook collards, click here.


Fall Hours:
Wednesday & Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm

What's New: Arugula
                     Snow Peas

What's Now:  Vegetables-Beets
                                          Bitter Melon
                                          Tri-colored & Orange Carrots (farm stand only)
                                          Jalapeno Peppers
                                          Ring-o-Fire Peppers
                                          Bulgarian Carrot Chili Peppers
                                          Canning Tomatoes
                                          Delicata Squash (Farm Stand Only)
                                          Eggplant (Round and Asian long)
                                          Green Beans
Green Onions
                                          Summer Squash (limited supply)
Heirloom Tomatoes
Canning Tomatoes
                                          Long yard Beans
                                          Purple Green Beans
                                          Zucchini and Yellow Zucchini (limited supply)  
Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers                                              Red, Yellow and Orange Picnic Peppers
Red, Yellow and Orange Italian Peppers
Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Collard Greens
                      Herbs-Chives (with or without flowers)
                                 Lemon Balm
                                 Parsley (Curly & Italian)

What's Coming Up:  Sugar Snap Peas
                                 Mixed Leaf Lettuce