Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes are more than just a great cult classic movie (really, it was, check it out!) They are a southern food culture staple but can also be used in a variety of other dishes including salsas, relishes, jams and many others! While waiting for our luscious red tomatoes, come sample some green versions for a sneak peek!


Cylindra Beets

These are Cylindra Beets, an heirloom brought over from Denmark. Having the same wonderful earthy taste as their red beet cousin, these work great for salads and recipes because they slice more evenly. They are also excellent for canning! Don't be afraid by the weird shape, come get some of these tasty treats to add to your summer suppers!

green beans green.jpg

Green Beans

SNAP! The sound of a green bean being picked off a vine or snapped in two and added to a pot is one of the favorite sounds of summer. We are now getting in slender and pole green beans which are a classic part of summer meals. We do not have enough yet for canning but if your taste buds have been waiting for that fresh green bean flavor, come and get a meal's worth!

Summer Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, Noon-5:00pm

What's New: Marketmore Cucumbers (slicing cukes)
                     Bitter Melon
                     Green Beans
                     Green Tomatoes
                     Cylindra Beets

What's Now:  Vegetables-Green Onions
                                          Beets (Limited Quantities)
                                          Summer Squash (crookneck & straight)
                                          Long yard Beans
                                          Purple Green Beans
                                          Yellow Beans                   
                                          Yellow Zucchini
                      Greens-Broccoli Greens
                                   Cabbage (small green) 
Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Young Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Collard Greens
                                 Lemon Balm
                                 Potted Herbs

What's Coming Up: Delicata Squash
                                Tomatoes (Remember snow in April?
                                                Ripe tomatoes are still a couple weeks off                                                    but we are getting closer!)