New Hours

As we move to October, we will begin our Fall hours. As a reminder, those hours will be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10am-6pm. Starting Monday! Make sure you catch us at the last two Farmer's Markets which are this Saturday and the first Saturday in October. Sometimes we will need to be out working this Fall and if you don't see us at the Farm Stand and this sign is out please don't be shy...HONK! We will hear you and come up and help!


All PEPPERS, TOMATOES AND EGGPLANT are 25% off! Come and stock up on these goodies before winter takes them away! It's hard to write about this in 90-degree weather but yes, winter will be coming. As we have written in previous e-mails all these veggies freeze great so now is the time to come and ready yourself for the coming cold season. Cherry tomatoes are also on sale but UPick only. This fabulous deal is only available at the FARM STAND so come visit us and get yours!



Our Fall crop of Kohlrabi is in! The funny-looking veggie that's so delicious! A member of the cabbage family, and both the fruit and the leaves are edible cooked and raw. It has great nutritional value including Vitamins C, B-complex, A and K. Tasting much like broccoli or carrots raw in salads, and the leaves like kale, it can be quite versatile in many dishes. For ways to cook with Kohlrabi, check out these recipes.


Leaf Lettuce

Leaf Lettuce is making one last appearance before winter.As we all know this is the most flavorful and nutritious of your lettuce choices. The colorful red leaf lettuce is actually in the daisy family and extremely nutrient dense, providing Vitamins K, A and C to your diet. Vitamin A is excellent for eye health and immune health. Leaf lettuce is also hydrating and a good source of antioxidants. If you're looking for something more than a salad, check out these recipes!

What’s New: Zucchini
Leaf Lettuce
Yellow Zucchini (limited quantities)
Sugar Snap Peas
Snow Peas
Magda/Koosa Squash

What’s Now: Celery
Carrots (limited quantities)
Ugly Fruit Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers
Picnic Peppers
Italian Sweet Peppers
Yardlong Beans
Bitter Melon
Green Onions
Spaghetti Squash
Green Beans
Collard Greens
Hot Peppers (four varieties)
Swiss Chard
Zinnias and other flowers
Kale-Three Varieties

Herbs: Basil, Chives, Italian Parsley, Oregano,
Sage, Sorrel, Lemon Balm
Spearmint, Peppermint

What’s Coming: Brussels Sprouts