Grape & Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are here! So adorable and so delicious! And we have SEVEN varieties here to choose from! The ones pictured here are called Sweeties and doesn't that just seem perfect? Cherry and grape tomatoes make great snacks, are super easy to throw on salads and travel really well. Hop over to our Facebook page for a posting that shows off all our beautiful cherry and grape tomato types. You'll want to come right over and get some!



Cabbage is truly an almost perfect vegetable. Relatively recent in the Western world (the first record of it in England wasn't until the 14th century) it was in Ancient Greece and China for 4000 years before that. It's health and medicinal properties were well known. I was going to list some but really the biggie is vitamin C. It has loads. And because of that it was used to treat wounds and scurvy in older days but now it can help with collagen production (hold off on the facelift!), it's an antioxidant, helps absorb iron and some studies indicate this vitamin lowers cancer risk. For recipes using cabbage, check out this website.



These are beets. In case you thought they only came shaped like a tin can, they don't. This is them in all their glory with the yummy leaves and all. They are ripe for the picking here now! Beets are super healthy but one of the interesting things is they contain nitrites which have been shown to increase athletic performance by improving oxygen use and time to exhaustion. Try drinking beet juice 2-3 hours before training or competing and see the improvement! For some fabulous beet recipes check out these.

What’s New: Green Bell Peppers
Small Egg Plant
Long Egg Plant
Tomatoes (JUST coming in!)

What’s Now: $5 Cut Flower Bouquets
Carrots (limited quantities)
Salad Mix Lettuce
Romaine Lettuce
Green Beans (limited quantities)
Cucumbers (Pickling & Burpless)
Collard Greens
Jalapeno Peppers
Onions-Red, Yellow & Walla Walla
Swiss Chard
Assorted Potted Herbs
Kale-Three Varieties
Yellow Squash
Yellow Zucchini
XL Zucchini
Herbs: Basil, Chives, Italian Parsley,Oregano,
Sage, Sorrel, Lemon Balm
Spearmint, Peppermint

What’s Coming: Okra
Bitter Melon
Purple Green Beans
Yellow Wax Beans
Yard Long Beans