The intersection at 25th and Margaret continues to undergo changes. As of now, the intersection is closed on both the west and north
sides. To get to The Pickery you'll have to come from Fruitridge
either up Davis from the South side or from town up Poplar or
Hulman. While the railroad overpass is scheduled to be done
in December, there is work that will last into the Spring. However
it is moving ahead of schedule! 

We are trying something new! We grow so many wonderful things here at The Pickery that we thought we'd let you know our opinions first hand. And what better way than to show you? So here is our fantastic staff with a taste testing of the six juicy varieties of tomatoes we have growing here. We hope it will help you as you decide what to buy for your burgers, salads, salsa, marinara and canning needs.    And we didn't mind the snack break either!

Summer Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, Noon-5:00pm

What's New: Delicata Squash (farm stand only)
                     Regular Green Beans
                     Green Bell Peppers
                     Jalapeno Peppers
                     Parsley (curly & Italian)      

What's Now:  Vegetables-Beets (3 varieties)
                                          Bitter Melon
                                          Cherry Tomatoes (5 varieties)
                                          Cucumbers (3 varieties)
                                          Eggplant (Round and Asian long)
                                          Magda Squash
                                          Summer Squash (crookneck, magda, straight)
                                          Slender Green Beans
                                          Long yard Beans
                                          Purple Green Beans
                                          Tomatoes (6 varieties)
                                          Yellow Beans                   
                                          Yellow Zucchini
                                   Cabbage (small green) 
Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Collard Greens
                                 Lemon Balm

What's Coming Up: Red, yellow and orange Picnic Peppers
                                Red, yellow and orange Italian Sweet Peppers
                                Hungarian Carrot Hot Peppers
                                Ring of Fire Hot Peppers