Yellow Zucchini?

What are these? Two summer squash and a zucchini? Nope! A summer squash, a zucchini and a YELLOW zucchini! Don't you love that gorgeous color! You need to come and pick up some of these beauties and add them to a stir fry or saute them up. Food that is pretty and delicious is the best!

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Snapdragons are blooming! People have loved snapdragons since the days of the Roman Empire. It's Greek name actually means "nose-like" to describe the shape of its flower. And its symbolism is for both deception and graciousness. Snapdragons also symbolize grace under pressure or inner strength in trying circumstances. Know anyone who shows these qualities? Tell them you appreciate them with snapdragons!


Broccoli Greens

While waiting for broccoli to come along, how about broccoli leaves? They have much the same flavor as broccoli and are very versatile. You can mix them in with a saute or stir fry as you would kale. Toss them with salt and pepper and some oil and roast them as chips. Use them in a salad or a smoothie. Think of them as you would kale or chard and use them in the same way. Enjoy!

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What's New: Sm. Green Cabbages
                     Yellow Summer Squash
                     Yellow Zucchini

What's Now:  Vegetables-Kohlrabi (purple and green)
                      Greens-Broccoli Greens
Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Rainbow Chard
                                   Young Kale (3 varieties)
                                 Lemon Balm
                                 Potted Herbs

What's Next: More Flowers
                     Onions (3 varieties)
                     Red & Gold Beets
                     Small Red Cabbages
                     Purple Green Beans
                     Yellow Wax Beans