Okra. Few vegetables draw such strong opinions. People either love them or hate them. They are a staple in Southern cooking, battered and fried. And they are also a key ingredient in many Asian and creole recipes. Most people who avoid okra do so because they can get slimy. Here are a few tips:
Let them get to room temperature before cooking
Don't wash until you're ready to cook
Cook at the highest heat possible
Cook in the biggest chunks
If freezing, freeze whole and cut it while still frozen


Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes

Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes! Isn't that a fabulous name for a luscious little fruit! These little beauties originally came from Hidalgo in Eastern Mexico where the plants grow wild. These tasty treats grow in clusters on the vine and will make wonderful additions to your salads this summer. They are smaller than other varieties of cherry tomatoes so you might just want to pick some up for snacking!


Bitter Melon

So they're not pretty and they don't have the best name, but bitter melon are a wonderful "squash in disguise". Bitter melon can be steamed or pan fried like zucchini and it's popular in Asian cuisine like stir-fry and soup. The melons have to be peeled and cut to scoop out the seeds inside. It has been found to help clean the blood, being good for lowering blood sugar levels. 

Summer Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, Noon-5:00pm

What's New: Okra (limited quantities)
                     Bitter Melon
                     Slender Green Beans
                     Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes (limited quantities)

What's Now:  Vegetables-Beets (Limited Quantities)
                                          Cucumbers (4 varieties)
                                          Onions (Red, Sweet, Mild, Yellow)
                                          Summer Squash (crookneck & straight)
                                          Long yard Beans
                                          Purple Green Beans
                                          Yellow Beans                   
                                          Yellow Zucchini
                      Greens-Broccoli Greens
                                   Cabbage (small green) 
Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Young Kale (3 varieties)
                                   Collard Greens
                                 Lemon Balm
                                 Potted Herbs

What's Coming Up: Delicata Squash
                                Green Bell Peppers
                                Regular Green Beans