Italian Sweet Peppers

Italian Sweet Peppers are pretty and so versatile. They can be stuffed and grilled and provide the base for a variety of flavorful dishes. They are best known as the better half of sausage and peppers. Not so well known is that peppers are actually a fruit but whatever you call it, they are delicious. They are a specialty pepper so you don't get a ton of recipes, but you get this one!

ugly fruit.jpg

Ugly Fruit

This is ugly fruit green bell peppers. We don't think any fruit is ugly but sometimes there will be a spot or a bruise. Most of the pepper is usable but there are some parts that will need to be cut off. Good news for you is that you'll get a lot of pepper for the price! For a little work on your part, a bag of 2.5 pounds of these "ugly fruit" peppers is just $5! Normally our green peppers are $4/lb. so this is quite a deal!. Come and give our ugly fruit the love!


Picnic Peppers

Picnic peppers have one of the best names! These slight sweet beauties are hard to pass by on the farm and not pick one and eat it right off the plant. Their sweet, crisp taste makes them one of the best summer peppers. In addition to eating them plain, you can add them to salads, stir fries or any dish calling for peppers. Come by and get a bunch of these little gems at the Farm Stand or the Market!

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