Winter squash is on it's way!  A few are ready now, but we will have boatloads by the end of August.  A few delicata squash are ready for picking now - the sweetest of all winter squashes - and you eat the skin! 

Canners and Freezers:  Get deep discounts on tomato seconds for sauce and other cooked uses.  "Ugly" bell peppers are now available for significant discounts for those people who want to freeze organic peppers for the winter.  Green beans have been slow this year, but for those who want to pick their own, the beans are ready for you. We also have yellow and purple beans in abundance.  Mix it up!   Feel free to call for prices and supply information.

Here is a full list:

Ready for Picking now:


Tomatoes:  Yellow, Orange and Red!

Onions:  Sweet, yellow and red

Peppers:  Green, red, orange and yellow bell and two varieties of hot

Carrots:  pull a few for fun or get a bag at the farm stand (orange and various colors)

Celery - small - at farm stand - so much flavor!

Cherry Tomatoes:  Seven varieties are ready!

Cucumbers:  Pickling, regular and English-type

Eggplant - Japanese long and Black Beauty round (also apple green and smaller black egg variety)

Garlic - at the farm stand


Zucchini, yellow squash

Green Beans - slender variety, a few regular green, purple and yellow beans

Cut Flowers!


Broccoli (small shoots available at the farm stand)

Collard Greens

Cabbages (Green)


Kale:  Curly, Lacinato (dinosaur), Red Russian

Bitter Melon


Herbs:  Peppermint, Spearmint, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Dill,  stevia

Herbs in (3.25") pots:  Basil, Thyme, Marjoram, Dill,  Parsley, Oregano, Stevia


Coming Soon:

Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti squash!


Road Closure Alert:  Margaret is currently closed between 13th St and 25th St. AND between Fruitridge and Rt. 46.  Don't let the road closures come between you and the freshest veggies in town!  Make your way to Fruitridge Ave using another road, then go to Margaret and turn west on Margaret. 


The Pickery is now open every day until Labor Day!  

Summer Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day):  Monday-Saturday  10 - 6; Sundays Noon to 5.

Labor Day to Thanksgiving, we will be back to three days per week.  Check the website for farm hours and product availability.

Laurie at The Pickery

3279 E. Margaret Drive, Terre Haute, IN  47802  

Laurie Elliott


Questions?  (812) 302-2451.